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Fuse Cutout
Polymer and porcelain Fuse Cutout: 
1.High quality 
2.Reasonable price. 
3.Customized is accepted
The primary purpose of any Fuse cutouts is to provide protection to the lines of your system and the various apparatus on those lines such as transformers and capacitor banks. Fuse cutouts provide reliable protection from low-level overloads that just melt the fuse link, intermediate faults, and very high faults,through maximum  interrupting capacity.
1.High over-current protection capability, high breaking current.
2. High industrial frequency withstands voltage, and mechanical strength, etc.
3. High quality on strict testing.

For more, please download our catalogue or please feel free to email us at sales@jinwang-insulators.com,we can meet your demand with best quality and reasonable price.Thank you for your interest in our products. 



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