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Surge Arrester
Surge Arrester: 
1. Excellent protective performance. 
2. Good insulating properties. 
3. High level of durability. 
Surge Arrester is mainly used to protect distribution transformer, cable connector and electric equipment from being damaged by lightning impulse voltage and operated over-voltage. The varistor used in the arrester is subjected to a series of physical and electrical tests to ensure the protective ability, and the high-level housing verifies the insulating properties. The arrester has been designed and type tested according to IEC standard. 
Reliability and excellent protection based on years of experience and expertise in surge protection. 
Good anti-moisture capability, resistant to pollution. 
GIS metal oxide lightningsurge arrester, composite metal oxide lightning surge arrester and porcelain metal oxide lightningsurge arresters are available. 
Long life and lightweight. 
Easy installation and maintenance. 
Good sealing capability to ensure reliable operation. 
High energy absorption ability. 
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